Bike Rentals

You can choose the Bicycle that suits your needs from our collection.

♦ Tax & Full Insurance included in all bicycle prices.
♦ We offer special prices for more than one day rentals.

See our bike prices bellow.

Bike Accessories

We can provide all the  accessories you may need.

Among them you can get:

• Helmets: 2€
• Pedals: 5€
• Travel Bags: 5€
• Child Seats: 5€

Guided Tours

We can schedule any guided tour for any number of participants. The prices may vary from 40€ to 65€ per person, depending on the number of people participating or the type of the tour. We charge extra if you want for the bikes to be delivered to the tour’s start location, or any location on the island you may want. According to the next map, the extra delivery charges are 10€ for zone A, 20€ for zone B and 30€ for zone C.

You can book from a list of our tours via FareHarbour or you can request a reservation using the buttons below.

Cycling Hollidays

Through our subsidiary company RCTravel, we collaborate with some of the best hotels in Rhodes and we offer full holiday packages that combine luxury, relaxation and the professional services Rodoscycling can provide to you for the best prices you can possibly find. It’s the best way to experience the beauty of the island, learn its history and taste the local delicacies. A holiday package might also a great for professional or semi-professional cyclists who want to combine training with leisure and recreation.